Books For Learning GML Programming

Books For Learning GML Programming

Books For Learning GML ProgrammingBooks For Learning GML ProgrammingBooks For Learning GML Programming

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Introduction To Game Design & Programming 2020 Edition

My Introduction To Game Design & Programming In GameMaker Studio 2 was my most popular book of 2019.


Since I wrote this book in late 2018, there have been quite a lot of changes to GameMaker Studio 2.


This new book will cover some of the updates and new functions.


It’s based on the previous version, with relevant updates to the code covered, explanations, and to the projects.


Covers all the basics you need to start making your own games.


500 Pages.

  Chapter 1: Starting With An Idea

  Chapter 2: Initial Planning & Preparation

  Chapter 3: Software & Financing

  Chapter: 4 Game Assets

  Chapter 5: Refining Resources

  Chapter 6: Beta Testing & Debugging

  Chapter 7: Programming

  Chapter 8: Final Testing

  Chapter 9: Publishing & Game Promotion

  Useful Ideas To Add To Your Game

  1: Download Levels

  2: Shop System

  3: Unlockable Levels

  4: Parallax Effect

  5: Farming & Automated Characters

  6: Avatar Creator

  7: Sprite Control

  Appendix 1: Variables

  Appendix 2: Conditionals

  Appendix 3: Drawing

  Appendix 4: Drawing Continued

  Appendix 5: Keyboard Input & Simple Movement

  Appendix 6: Objects & Events

  Appendix 7: Sprites

  Appendix 8: Health, Lives & Score

  Appendix 9: Mouse

  Appendix 10: Alarms

  Appendix 11: Collisions

  Appendix 12: Rooms

  Appendix 13: Backgrounds

  Appendix 14: Sounds

  Appendix 15: Splash Screens & Menu

  Appendix 16: Random

  Appendix 17: AI

  Appendix 18: INI Files

  Appendix 19: Effects

  Appendix 20: Loops

  Appendix 21: Arrays

  Appendix 22: DS Lists

  Appendix 23: Paths

  Appendix 24: Scripts

Includes resources and project files.

Code can be used in your own games, both free and paid.

Provided in PDF 

Other Books

Make Games Without Coding

Learn To Make 5 Games Using Just Drag & Drop

This book serves as an introduction to making games in GameMaker Studio 2.

This book details how to make 4 games using GameMaker Studio 2’s Drag and Drop system.

The first game is pretty basic and serves as an introduction to the IDE, importing sprites and

sounds, and using actions, with the goal of making a basic snake game.

The second game introduces more elements.

The third game is more complex, using everything that has been learnt, along with new ideas.

The forth game is a basic platformer, a commonly made genre with GameMaker Studio 2.

I’ve also included a ZIP of all book images, so you are free to print them out or use on a projector.

In conclusion, there are 10 game projects for students to make, ranging in difficulty from easiest to

hard. Sprite and sound resources are provided. You or your students can choose which games to

tackle and make. This section of the book is very useful if you are teaching a mixed ability class, as

stronger students can work on this section whilst you mentor other students.


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